How Are You Managing the Working Alone Dilemma?

Working Alone

Do you have workers that work alone or in isolation? Did you know that even if your employee is working where other people are present but who are not from your workplace, they are technically working alone?

Employees who work alone or in isolation tend to be more vulnerable than those who have co-workers present. If a lone worker is injured or an emergency occurs, do you have a plan for your workers to secure help? What if the worker is unconscious? Even though such incidents aren’t that common, several instances have occurred recently to Manitoba employers with serious effects to the employees involved.


Employer Obligations regarding Workers Working Alone or in Isolation:

The Manitoba Regulation states that when a worker works alone or works in isolation, an employer must:

  1. Conduct a Risk Assessment
  2. Develop Safe Work Procedures
  3. Communicate the Safe Work Procedures and Train Employees


Working Alone or in Isolation Awareness

Working Alone Training Course

While serious incidents involving lone workers are not very common, the consequences can be severe because of the difficulty lone workers face while trying to summon emergency assistance.

This course is 1-1.5 hours in length and is specific to the requirements of Manitoba Workplace Safety & Health Legislation.

Content includes:

  • Why people who work alone or in isolation tend to be more vulnerable than other workers
  • Why it’s important to have a plan if you work alone or in isolation
  • The responsibilities of employers, supervisors and workers in the working alone system
  • The necessity of being involved and following through on the safe work practices and procedures your employer has developed for working alone or in isolation
  • The importance of working together with your employer to assess Working Alone Risks and develop Safe Work Plans
  • Why ensuring safety while working alone or in isolation is important to you and your family

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