52, 71, 124? How many Manitoba Companies Were Issued Stop Work Orders This Summer?

If you guessed 124 you’re right! Stop Work, means NO WORK and NO PRODUCTION! What would it cost for your workplace to be shut down for a day? A week? How would you meet production deadlines and customer expectations? Would you incur contractual penalties? A manufacturing client faces penalties in the rage of $200,000 if they miss a shipment deadline to their South American customer. Ensuring a safe workplace and avoiding stop work orders is critical to their business performance.[divider size=”10px”]

Did you know that if your business is issued a stop work order, your employees must still be paid? If your organization is issued a STOP WORK order, your business will remain shut down until the order is withdrawn or discontinued by the Safety Officer that issued it.  Stop work orders can be issued for part or all your workplace.  Stop work orders can be issued across many locations if you are performing similar work as the contravention you have been cited for at those locations.[divider size=”45px”]

Stop work orders are usually related to fall protection

REMEMBER: Organizations only experience a STOP WORK order if unsafe work, posing a real danger to workers or the public is present. The most common reason for Stop Work orders issued was failure to use fall protection systems. Other causes included:

  1. after a serious incident
  2. unsafe work involving elevated work platforms
  3. cranes and hoists
  4. vehicular and pedestrian traffic
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STOP WORK ORDERS ARE AVOIDABLE and less likely when workplace safety is valued and well managed.[divider size=”50px”]

Why Not Manage Workplace Safety Risk Like You Do Quality and Financial Risk?
  1. Identify the credible loss exposure
  2. Set standards in writing to manage the identified risk
  3. Train workers in a way that makes your standards meaningful
  4. Enforce the standards with tough love

When deviations from the standard occur, determine the root cause, correct and re-implement.[divider size=”25px”]

Safety Profit Principle: The same things that cause safety issues, cause quality and production issues.  Workplace safety well managed is evidence of a well managed business. Learn how other business like yours are using mySafetyApp to increase worker safety and complianceClick here [divider size=”25px”]

Do you have questions about the safety of your workers and your organization?  Contact the friendly 1Life Safety Professionals.  We exist to serve you![divider size=”10px”]

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