FIVE for FIVE = $235,977 in Fines to Manitoba Manufacturers

ALL last five Workplace Safety and Health convictions in Manitoba have been to manufacturers. We have summarized here for your learning and prevention in your own workplace:

[divider size=”10px”]Why Not Use “Common Sense.”[divider size=”10px”]

We still see reliance on expecting workers to “use common sense” to ensure their safety and health as a common control measure. It is understandable on some level that experienced managers assume employees are viewing their work through the same lens they are; unconscious competency derived from years of experience and knowledge. However, this approach is equivalent to playing a game of Russian roulette. First, unless a worker has the experience, no matter how much they try to be safe, they may not recognize the hazard. On top of that workers are dealing with production demands, life stresses and other distractions (sometimes at the end of their hand… their smart phone.)[divider size=”20px”]

To have any real insurance against a serious incident occurring in your workplace, a meaningful safety management system must be developed and implemented. It is a simple system that consists of:[divider size=”10px”]

  1. Identifying the credible hazards in your workplace.[divider size=”5px”]
  2. Developing standards in writing for the safe way of performing work. In the best performing systems, these are integrated with quality and production management procedures.[divider size=”5px”]
  3. Training workers in a way that it connects into their value system (what’s in it for me).[divider size=”5px”]
  4. Holding supervisors accountable to ensure that safe work is enforced.[divider size=”20px”]

How Technology can Better Protect Your Employees and Your Business:[divider size=”10px”]

Although this seems simple, it can be easier said than done. One of the benefits of technology is that it can help build a more reliable safety management system. With safe work procedure viewing and hazard reporting, inspections and worker training now performed on smart phones and tablets, companies can:[divider size=”10px”]

  1. Make safety information and standards widely accessible across their workforce.[divider size=”5px”]
  2. Share information (like hazard reporting) in real time.[divider size=”5px”]
  3. Better track and ensure hazard communication and controls.[divider size=”5px”]
  4. Monitor employee activities and performance live; employees perform differently when they know they are being observed.[divider size=”5px”]
  5. Make safety simpler and easier with less paperwork and next to no administration.[divider size

Need Help with your Safety Management? Contact your friendly 1Life Safety Consultants today![divider size=”5px”]

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Need Help with Your Machine Guarding Program?[divider size=”5px”]

We are fortunate in Manitoba to have some excellent safety professionals specializing in machine guarding for manufacturers. If you haven’t assessed your Machine Guard hazards or are confident you have an effective control plan, give Mike Gordon, P.Eng, or Kristen Petaski, P.Eng. a call at They even have an app for that! Check out


The best managed companies recognize that safety management can contribute more to a company’s bottom line than their best salesperson and that is a reflection on overall management.