NEW 1Life Employee Training & Development Program – Eligible for Full Reimbursement Through Retrain Manitoba Initiative!

The Province of Manitoba & Manitoba Chambers of Commerce recently launched the
Retrain Manitoba Initiative, offering reimbursement of up to $2500/employee or $75,000/business towards the continued education and upskilling of your workforce!

At the end of the day, losses due to injury, illness, and property damage are paid from your company’s profits. Enlightened leaders are realizing that effective safety management demonstrates the true value the organization places on its human capital and that it has a positive effect on the bottom line. 1Life has created an advanced Workplace Safety Management Training curriculum to help you and your team evolve your
workforce’s education on safety and wellness.

The NEW 1Life Employee Training and Development Program features 5 high-value Education Streams
specifically designed to develop the skills and competency of:
  • Supervisors / Management
  • Safety Managers
  • Safety Committees
  • Prime Contractors
  • Safety Administrators

These courses are only available from 1Life and are all eligible for full reimbursement through the Retrain Manitoba Initiative.
Click the link below to view the full program outline, course descriptions, facilitators, and how to register!