Custom Course Development

Create unique training courses specific to your business!

One of the best parts of your 1Life platform is your ability to customize existing on-line training courses or build any course from scratch

Like adding your own branding, photos, videos and any content you’d like! 

You're not limited to safety training courses. Think customer service, sales, HR or operational training courses or anything else you can imagine.

While the Course Builder is super easy to use, you may not have the time.  That’s where we come in!  Our “course artists” will work with you to identify your training objectives and leave it to them. 

Within a few days, your custom training course will be ready to be deployed.


Course Builder Feature List

Unique Slide Templates:

  • Basic Text Slides
  • Image & Text Slides (multiple layouts)
  • Custom Slides (unique content placement)
  • Fill in the Blank Game Slides
  • Multiple Choice Game Slides
  • Sorting / Group Game Slides
  • Image Matching Game Slides
  • Sequence / Order Game Slides
  • Check All That Apply Game Slides
  • Audio Slides (upload your own)
  • Audio / Text Slides
  • Video Slides (upload your own)
  • Video / Text Slides

Game Slide Options:

  • Include as many questions or slides as are required
  • Include instructions or text before the game is played
  • Include text that can appear after the game is won
  • Correct answers are saved if the game is lost
  • All Slides and Games are mobile friendly and can be completed from any computer, phone or table

Exam Options:

  • Include as many questions as required
  • Questions can have as many options as required
  • Set the limit for how many questions must be correctly answered in order to pass the exam
  • Includes a training certificate for your records
  • Includes option to set re-certification dates

Assigning Options:

  • Published courses can be assigned to employees or set to allow self enrollment
  • Employee progress can be monitored from the admin dashboard
  • Includes options to send reminder notification emails