Adding Multiple Employees (Mass Upload with Excel)

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If you need to add more than two or three employees to the 1Life Platform at the same time, using the excel mass upload will save you time. You can always add employees individually following these directions.

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Steps to Add Multiple Employees

  1. Click Employees=> Mass Import’ in the main navigation at the top of the screen
  2. Click the ‘Download Spreadsheet’ button to download an excel template to your computer
  3. Save this template on your computer, in a place that you can open it from. It will be called employeeUpload.xlsx

Completing the Template

Open the spreadsheet with Excel, either through your recently downloaded items within your web browser or by locating the document where you saved it. You may need to click on Enable Editing to be able to interact with the upload template.

To create an account you need to enter the following required fields for each account:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email address

Some things to remember:

  • For employees to receive email notifications of new safety tasks (assigned online training, document reviews, etc), they will need an email address.
    • Email address is only required for web admins
  • Phone numbers are optional
  • The excel template will create a username for you. It is either the email address (if one is entered) or “first initial + last name”
    • You can change it to something else that meets your company needs (like internal employee ID)
  • There cannot be duplicate usernames within the entire 1Life Platform (Both inside and outside your organization)

Employee Permissions

You will need to give employees different levels of permissions so they can use different pieces of the software. These permissions determine the type of access each employee will have:

  • Web Administrators – When turned “ON”, are able to configure and update all components of mySafetyAssistant (This will use one of your Web licenses)
    • upload & assign new documents & training records
    • manage employee online training and training certificates
    • create forms using the mobile form builder
    • add new or inactivate existing employees
    • review company-wide reports
  • Web Access – When turned “ON”, allows employees to log into the mySafetyAssistant web application (This will use one of your Web licenses)
    • take online training courses
    • review assigned documents
    • gain access to all published documents
  • Mobile Access – When turned “ON”, allows an employee login to mySafetyAssistant Mobile iOS and Android applications (This will use one of your mobile licenses.)
  • Supervisor – When turned “ON”, allows an employee to sign mySafetyAssistant Mobile forms as a Supervisor. The employee will also need “Mobile Access” turned on
  • Manager – When turned “ON”, allows an employee to sign mySafetyAssistant Mobile forms as a Manager. The employee will also need “Mobile Access” turned on

Once all of your changes are made, Save the excel template and close the spreadsheet.

Uploading the Excel Template

  1. From the Mass Upload page, click ‘Upload Spreadsheet’ and locate the file you just saved on your computer.
    1. Employees that are created at the same time all get the same temporary password
    2. If any employee does not have an email address for their 1Life account, it is suggested that write down the password to share with them
    3. Employees will need to enter a new password at initial login
  2. If there were any errors found in the uploaded template, please correct them and click the confirm button to add your new employees.
  3. If an email address was provided, the employees will receive an email from noreply@mySafetyAssistant with their login credentials.
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