Archiving To-Do Documents & Forms

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You can archive outstanding to do forms and Documents sent through scheduler!

This can be useful to help clear off irrelevant documents and forms from both the web and user’s mobile device.

This helps to declutter outstanding to-do’s and bring focus to current tasks.




To get started, navigate to the ‘documents’ tab, then ‘to-do documents’

Select the document name which will open the document details screen.

You will see below the ‘document sign-off Audit’ title a red ‘archive document’ button.

Simply click the archive button and you’ll receive a confirmation message that its completed.

The archived document will be removed from the to-do document page on the web tool.

Note: the document will be removed from the user’s mobile device within the parameters set in your company profile settings.



To Get started, Navigate to the ‘Forms’ Tab, then ‘To-Do Forms’

Select the form title name and it will open the Forms details screen.

You can then follow the same steps as above for documents to archive the form.


If you would like to view any of the documents or forms that have been archived, you can use the filter option on the respective pages and ensure the ‘show archived forms’ toggle is selected to ‘yes’ then select ‘apply’. The list will populate with both archived and existing to do’s

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