Assign Training to an Employee

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It is always recommended to use the labels feature to set a training standard for each role in your organization.  Here is a great article on how to assign training using labels.

Sometimes you may need to assign a training course to an employee without a label and you can do that directly within the Online Learning Platform.

How to Assign a Training Course

If you need to assign a course as a “one-off” to an employee, Login as a web admin and click on “Training” in the main navigation and then on “Click here to access the Online Training Platform” menu item.

You now see a list of all of the training courses that are available. Find the course that you want to assign to an employee and click on “View Details” to open the course information page.

To add the course to one or more employees click on the “+ Assign Course” Button

You have two options for how you assign employee(s) to the training course:

  1. Select the check box beside the first name title to assign ALL employees on the page to the course that have not previously been assigned to the course. To add the training click “Assign”
  2. Select the check box beside an employee name or type an employees name in the search bar to add just that specific employee. Do this for all employees you want to add training to and then click “Assign”.

NOTE: You have the option to send an email notification and message by using the toggle button at the bottom of the assign course screen. 

The courses will now be assigned to the employees that you selected and if they have an email address in their account, they will get a notification email.

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