Downloading and Re-Uploading PDF Documents

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If you have already uploaded a document that is missing a signature, below are the steps for downloading, adding a signature and then re-uploading a specific document so that document history is preserved.

Steps to Download an Existing Document

  1. To access your company’s document library, click Documents from the main navigation
  2. Click on the group that contains the document that you want to download. As an example Health and Safety Policy
  3. Clicking the name of the document automatically downloads it

Adding a Signature to a Document

If you need to sign the actual document you have two options:

Digitally Signing

  1. Open the downloaded file to view it’s contents.
  2. Click Tools in the menu and Fill & Sign button.
  3. If this is your first time digitally signing a doc,
    1. scroll down to the signature line in the document
    2. click on the sign button
    3. then on add signature

NOTE: If you have a saved signature, you can use that, as instead of “add signature”, you will see a previous signature

  1. Type or draw your name to create your signature
  2. Click on the newly created signature and drag & drop the signature to the required location in the document.
  3. Repeat if a date is needed.
  4. Then, save the signed document.

Physically Signing a Document

You can also work with a physical copy of the document

  • Print a paper copy of the document
  • Sign & date it
  • Scan as a PDF and save to your computer.

Re-Uploading an existing document

For the document you want to update, click the Pencil Icon on the right side of the page in the same row. To update the file, click on the Replace Document button.

You will then work through the wizard to upload the new version of your document. You need to:

  • click on the Select Document button and select the file you want to upload
  • Click on the Upload all  button to upload the file

NOTE: If you want the document to be visible you need to ensure that it is published (picture of a green eye). If it is not published (picture of orange eye), you need to click the orange eye once.

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