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Steps to fill out A Form

Log into the 1Life Mobile App and access your companies forms by:

  1. Tapping Forms in the left hand navigation
  2. Tapping on the tab labeled  Forms – Fill Out New 

You will now see all of the groups/folders that contain your forms. You need to:

  1. Find and then tap on the folder that your form belongs to
  2. Tap on the name of the form you want to complete

When you tap on a form it will open a new instance of that form in a ‘Draft’ state. The state of a form will be displayed in the top right of the form edit screen. To learn more about the states a form can be in, read the Life Cycle of a Mobile Form knowledge base article.

While completing a form you will be able to stop and save your form as a draft by tapping Cancel in the top left and tapping Save Draft. You can delete the form by tapping delete instead of Save Draft.

To find your draft you will need to:

  1. Tap Forms in the left hand navigation
  2. Tap on the tab labeled View Previous 

If you answer that either a common hazard is present (tapping the checkmark) or an inspection item fails (tapping the “X”) you will be prompted to complete a corrective action. When completing a corrective action you will need to

  1. Optional – Update the description of the hazard
  2. Required – Enter a control for the hazard
  3. Optional – Assign the corrective action to someone other than yourself
  4. Optional – Rank the severity & probability
  5. Optional – Add one or more photos of the issue

Questions that are mandatory to be filled out will have a red bar along the left side of them. Once all the mandatory fields have been answered (Green bar to the left instead of Red) you can sign the form by:

  1. tapping ‘Completed by’ at the bottom of the forms
  2. tapping your name in the list
  3. signing along the dotted line with your finger or a stylus
  4. and then pressing save.

If there be any additional people to sign off, please tap ‘Additional‘ and repeat the steps above.

Once you have filled out your form it may need an additional signature. Click on next in top right corner to see the actions you can take. If the form requires additional signatures you will need to assign the form to someone else (or sign it if you have the correct permissions). If the form has all of the needed signatures you will be able to tap finalized which will lock the form from being edited again.

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