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Exported Forms is a feature that allows a Web Administrator to export multiple forms as pdf documents in one action.

The export creates a zip file that can be sent to anyone that the Web Administrator chooses. The zip file can then be expanded and will contain all the forms that have been selected.

You can watch a video that covers exported forms here: https://1lifesoftware.ca/knowledge-base/get-that-data/

Name your export

  • To begin, select Form Tools from the 1Life Platform under the Tools tab.
  • A new tab opens up in the Form Tools application.
  • Select the ‘New Export Job’ button in the upper left hand corner.
  • You can create many exports, so for ease of organization it is a best practice to give each export a clear name that describes briefly what is in the export, such as who the export is for, Date Range, or what the export contains.
  • e.g. Forklift Inspections – January – April, 2022
  • After naming the Form Export, select Next.

Add Forms

  • Now you can select which forms to export
  • You can filter the list of forms by naming a Form Title, Project, created or completed by, or selecting a Date range to see only the forms you want to see.
    • Note that both active and inactive projects will be displayed.
    • Note you can choose if you want to include private form templates not with the selection box.
  • After selecting the desired filters, press the Search button.
  • The results of your search are shown below. To the left of the form name, there are check boxes –select them all using the dash or select specific ones by checking the boxes.
  • After selecting the desired forms, press add selected forms. If you wish to add all the forms from your search, press Add all forms. 
  • You can remove unwanted forms form the Form Export List by selecting and deleting one at a time or by deleting them all from the list.
  • Selected forms appear in the Form Export list on the right side of the screen
  • When you have added all the desired forms, select Next.


  • Optionally send yourself an email once the export is complete.
  • Select High Quality if you want larger images in the forms.
  • Optionally enter email addresses for others you wish to send a link to download the export  then press Add. The address will appear in the list of recipients.
  • You can have more than 1 recipient receive an email of the Zip file.
  • Note that after the Export is complete, you will also be able to copy a link and paste it into your own email program to send to many contacts, if that is easier.
  • Select start once you are ready.
  • Your export has started. Depending on how many forms you select and how many pictures there are in the pdf files, the export can take a long time. You can go on and do other things and once it is done the system will email whoever you indicated. If you selected email me once the job is completed, you will get an email.


  • When the form export is ready to download, the system will send to everyone you had selected to be notified the following email:
  • By selecting download Forms, instantly the Zipped folder of pdf files for each of the selected forms is downloaded to your downloads folder.
  • Select extract all, and it is automatically unzipped and stored on your computer.
    • You can also share a link by selecting the Copy Link
    • Then you can paste that link into an email.


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