How to Navigate and Complete Training Courses

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As an employee, you can take online training courses to ensure you have the necessary knowledge for your role. Here is how to do it within the 1Life Platform.

Steps to Complete Your Training

As an employee, you can start your training by clicking “Training” from the main menu. Then, ‘click here to access the Online Learning Platform’. This will bring you to the My Training Courses page where you can see the courses that are assigned to you.

You can see your course status progress broken into the following:

  • not started – courses that you have not started
  • In Progress – courses you still need to finish
  • Completed – courses that were successfully completed
  • Failed – courses that were NOT successfully completed

Start Taking a Course

Click the Start button beside the name of the course.

NOTE: if at any time you leave the course and want to continue. Click “Continue” beside the course name

Taking an Exam

While you are not timed during the course content, you will have a time limit in which to complete your exam. This limit varies depending on the course. If you scored below 80% you will need to take the exam again. Each exam can be taken three times before the course content will be required to be retaken.

Course Feedback

Once you have finished the exam, you will be prompted to provide your feedback and comments on the training content. After you have made your comments and submitted your feedback, the course will be completed. Once completed, you can download your certificate and wallet card by clicking the respective buttons.

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