Prevent Duplicating of Forms

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As a safety professional you can now decide what forms your employees are able to duplicate (or not). Duplicating an existing form allows a user to make an exact copy of it. The selected answers and ALL corrective actions are copied from the existing form into a new draft form. This can make form creation faster. As an example, you have a hazard that is present every day you are on the job site i.e. Power lines.

Some reasons you may want to prevent duplicating forms:

  • Critical safety sensitive forms such as confined spaces should be started new each time,
  • Employees are “entering” the same comments in a question (the answer is most likely the same because the form is duplicated!)

By default all forms are set to allow duplication but you can update a specific form by changing the toggle as seen in the screen shot below.

Watch Step by Step Directions

Steps To Update Prevent Duplicating of Forms

  1. Click on “Forms” in the main navigation
  2. Click on “My Form Templates”
  3. Click on the form you want to update
  4. Then you need to click on the toggle to turn duplicating on or off
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