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We’ve created a new feature called Tasks

Tasks are awesome especially if you love checklists! Tasks help create lists such as an onboarding plan where you can attach documents and third-party training checklists that will send both you and the employee reminders.


To get started:

Navigate to the training tab and select ‘tasks’

Select ‘Manage Groups’ and give your group a name and ‘create group’

You can then start creating task items under your group heading– these can include third party items or items linked to your 1life platform such as documents.

if it’s a document, the task name will Auto fill with the required document name once selected.

You can choose the deadline date in days – 1 day or if needs to be complete at the 1-year mark – 365 days

If it’s a third-party item – be sure to be specific in the task name provided.

Now its time to add your task to either a label or to a specific employee:


Navigate to employees – labels and select the label name

Select tasks from the sub menu and ‘add task group’

Add the task group if you’re choosing and confirm


Navigate to employees – select the employee name.

Select ‘tasks’ from the sub-menu.

‘Import from templates’ and select the task group and import

Depending on the tasks due dates, the employee(s) and the supervisors will receive a notification of all items due within the next 30 days

The employee can then locate the items on the software – Both web or mobile, and the system will update as items are completed.

When a third-party item has completed, you can manually check it off once completed.

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