Uploading Training Records

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Uploading Training Records into the 1Life Platform is a great way to store them so you can see which training each employee has completed. Any training records that are published can be viewed on the mobile app by employees with:

  1. Manager signing permissions
  2. Supervisor signing permission
  3. The employee themselves

NOTE:  To upload a new revision of a previously uploaded certificate, you need to update it via the “Edit” button (pencil) beside the document name. If you replace the document by uploading a new file, your document upload history will be saved and can be viewed by clicking ‘Document Upload History’. If you have made any changes to a training record details, remember to click ‘Save’.

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Steps to Upload Training Records


Click the “Training” tab, then on the “Training Records Library” tab, will take you to the training record library where you can see existing training documents and upload new ones.

Training Records are stored in groups. You can manage groups by clicking on the “Manage Groups” button. Two common ways to group training documents are:

  1. By record types – a folder for each category of record type i.e. fall protection, first aid, etc.
  2. By an individual – a folder for each individuals training documents

Working With Groups

What you see is a list of groups that you can store training records in. With groups you can:

  1. Add a new group by clicking the Add New Group button and entering a name for your group
  2. Delete a group by clicking on the Delete button by the group name
  3. Re-order the groups by clicking on the Move button.
  4. Edit the name of the group by clicking on the Edit button.
  5. Order groups alphabetically by clicking on the Order Alphabetically button.

Uploading Training Records

  1. To upload a new training document (not replace an existing one), press the ‘Upload ’ button (Cloud with an arrow). This will open a window which will allow you to select the document(s) from your computer.
  2. For each document you need to select:
    1. Group to store the document in
    2. Set the date the training was completed
    3. Set the date the training needs to be re-certified by
  3. Click ‘Confirm’ once you’re done entering the details

NOTE: If you do NOT set a re-certification date, the system can not automatically notify you when a training record is about to expire.

NOTE: The Group, Completed Date and Recertification Date can be set once for all documents being uploaded by using the Global Settings dropdown menu at the top.  This is great if all the documents need to go into the same group or have the same completed or re-certification date.

You will then see the document added to the upload queue. Click the ‘Upload All’ button to upload the documents into the 1Life platform.

Attaching Records to Employees

To have a training document show up on an employee profile (mobile and web app) you need to attach the record to them. An Employee can be attached to:

  1. All documents at once – click the “Attach To All Employees” button. This will open a window where you select employees by clicking “Add” and then the “Confirm” button. This will associate employee(s) to all the documents that were uploaded
  2. Attach an employee to an individual document – Click the “Attach” button by a specific record. This will open a window where you select employees by clicking “Add” and then the “Confirm” button. Employees are associated with that individual document.

Publishing Uploaded Training

To make training records visible on the mobile app you will need to ensure they are published. This is done by clicking the orange “Not Published” button by the file name. If the button is green and shows Published, it is already visible.

Auto Publish Training Documents

If by default you want to have all training records published by as soon as they are uploaded, you can turn on a setting in your company profile.

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