Duha Center of Excellence

“The same things that cause safety problems cause quality and production issues.”
In the best managed safety systems, safety and quality are integrated. 1Life is excited to partner with The Duha Center of Excellence to help our clients take their workplace safety management to the next level and generate greater returns on investment.”
– Theo Heineman CRSP, CHSC, B.Sc.Ag, CEO & Founder, 1Life Workplace Safety Solutions.

The Duha Center of Excellence shared vision is “One improvement every day in every department through teamwork and communication” and encourages the use of a system-specific tool to improve and eliminate waste.

The Duha Center of Excellence System (DCOE), was introduced in 2006 in response to increased external demand from businesses seeking assistance in their Continuous Improvement strategies. Since then, the DCOE has been fortunate to successfully partner and support over 160 companies  across all industries, sharing best practices and supporting their journey.

They coach and encourage all businesses, regardless of approach, to engage and empower their employees on a journey of excellence with a focus the following areas:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Leadership development
  • Supply chain management
  • Safety planning
  • Strategic execution
  • Capacity and facility planning