Working in Extreme Heat

Summer is here! Help your team beat the heat.


With summer temperatures rising, working in extreme heat can pose a serious threat to your team. We want EVERYONE to stay safe, healthy, and comfortable this summer.  

These 3 FREE Resources include:

  • “When Heat Turns Deadly” Hazard Alert
    Key steps and resources to discuss with your team to prevent a Heat Emergency. 
  • “Heat Stress – Safe Work Practice”
    Just customize to your workplace and you’ll be ready to implement in a jiffy!
  • “Heat Stress” Safety Talk
    Use the talking points to educate your employees on how to recognize a deadly heat emergency and stay cool this summer

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Some of our partners include:


Hi, I’m Theo Heineman, trusted advisor to many business owners just like you, safety professional for over 20 years and Entrepreneur of the Year.

As the founder and CEO of 1Life,  I understand the many challenges you face every day in your business.

In fact, I have walked with many owners through serious workplace safety issues including fatalities, prosecutions and crushing WCB costs.  

It is my purpose to see to it that it never happens to you. And not only that, but safety compliance done right actually drives overall business performance.  

I think it's fair to say my team and I know our stuff.

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Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

"I see 1Life as a partner in helping us achieve our goals. Their understanding of the needs of business combined with their understanding of the process that needs to take place it just makes it a lot easier."

Ken Devine, Owner,
Electra Sign

“You guys are like Henry Ford; innovating to bring an affordable Safety program for small and medium sized business that does the job.  “The 1Life safety platform has been critical to streamlining our safety processes.”

Rod Pizzey, Owner,
Rossdale Machine Inc.

"We worked closely with 1 Life Workplace Safety and Health to achieve COR and create a process that would be easy for the rest of the staff to adhere to and would remain sustainable for many years. We couldn’t have done it without their help!"

Rob Read CEO/Founder,
Bison Fire Protection