Safety Consulting

We can help you implement a safe and sound safety program.
Responsible organizations assess their operations and processes, understand the hazards, and implement measures to control them. It’s just good business.

We can help you. We provide safety consulting to help ensure your workers return home to their families safe and sound at the end of the workday.

Our dedicated team of safety professionals can help you achieve peace of mind, knowing that your workers and your business are protected from workplace safety related risk.

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Our Consulting Services Include

Safety Management System (SMS) Development or Improvement

Using a formula and that has been tried and tested with hundreds of other businesses, we can help you develop and implement a customized safety-management system quick and cost effectively – whether you have five or 500 employees.

We can get you up and running fast:

  1. Our 1Life safety consultant will meet with you and your workers to assess your current situation, gain your teams buy-in and solicit their input.
  2. Within two weeks, you’ll have a draft of your customized safety manual.
  3. During the following two weeks, we work with you to make amendments and ensure you’re ready to implement your finalized safety manual.

Your new safety-management system will ensure your current and future employees feel safe, valued, and confident working with your organization. You’ll have the freedom that comes from knowing that you have taken great strides to help ensure your business is compliant with workplace safety legislation.

We offer a free consultation with a 1Life safety professional.

Safety Coaching and Monitoring

Our trusted Safety professionals will guide you with the safety management leadership and knowledge transfer needed to help your team be able to build your safety culture and performance. They will create solutions, geared to your specific risks, challenges and budget to help you protect people and your business.

Would you like to maximize your return on investment in safety management? We can help you identify where 20% of your efforts will produce 80% of your results.

Our safety consultants are experts in their field. Not every organization can make the same claim. Before you hire one, be sure to download the 10 questions you need to ask before hiring a safety professional.

NOTE: These support services are not a substitute for the workplace safety and health responsibilities of your managers, supervisors and employees (your internal responsibility system).

Serious Incident Management

Incidents will happen, even when you think you’ve covered all of your safety bases. They can be overwhelming when they do. Knowing how to manage a serious incident can mean the difference between your company being prosecuted two years later or not.

We have the experience to provide you with expert advice and guidance, in even your most-vulnerable moments.

Your 1Life safety professional is always there as a trusted advisor, whether you want to improve your incident reporting and investigation procedures or need help managing WCB claims.

Audits and Gap Analyses

If you can measure, you can manage.

Our Safety Professionals are certified and experienced auditors: COR, CSAZ1000, OHSAS 18001, and/or Lloyds Register. Whether you need help preparing for a COR Audit, a Contractor Evaluation so you can secure work or want to measure safety performance so you can improve it, we can help you.

Internal Training and Presentations

Need help to ignite your safety training or communications?  Whether you’re launching a new safety initiative or need help motivating your workers out of complacency, we can support you!  Our experienced safety professionals will help you train, connect, an engage your workforce. We create customized training or presentations based on your needs, so you can take your safety performance to the next level.