The Safety Profit Program

Practical workplace safety that promotes employee engagement and accountability to generate return on investment.
For every day that passes without it, you’re missing out on bottom line profitability.

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Starting at $284/month
Includes Basic Coaching Program

(Based on a business with 20 employees)

Using years of experience literally “in the trenches”, 1Life helps growth focused owners leverage workplace safety requirements to create a simple, but powerful safety management system that provides ROI to your business.


Examples of returns include the ability to attract and retain the best customers and employees, as well as minimize lost time, property damage and insurance costs.

“The same things that cause safety issues cause quality and production issues”.


“1Life was critical to our achievement of ISNetworld Certification and achieving a million dollar contract.”

Rob Read, CEO/Founder,
Bison Fire Protection Inc.


Find our how other businesses just like yours are leveraging safety compliance to drive overall business performance.

Everything in one place, not all over the place.

Because of the financial and legal risks, not to mention your concern for the safety of your workers, you’re likely dealing with a constant nagging worry. Workplace safety might feel daunting, but you’re in the right place with 1Life.

For over 10 years we’ve worked with 100’s of business owners like you. We’ve transformed that pain into the fuel that drives our innovation engine. Whether you’re needing to better systemize your safety through digital processes, train up a new safety coordinator or need help to deal with safety performance problems, we can help you.

We do it every day and we know what it takes.

Record and Document Management
Document Management

Safety is accessible and managed in real time.

Digital Form Management with Scheduler

Goodbye paper! So long chasing employees to get stuff done!

Mobile Training Courses with Custom Course Builder

Create any training course specific to your company. Save $1,000’s

Sub-Contractor Management

Evaluate and Monitor to control your company’s risk

Readymade Templates

Get professional quality while saving massive amounts of time

Safety Profit Coaching
Safety Profit Coaching

Grow your team so that they manage safety into a business performance lever

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Many owners are unaware that they are automatically guilty when a worker is injured on the job. The onus is on the employer to prove their due diligence. Fines in Canada for workplace safety offenses can exceed $1,000,000 and no insurance can be purchased for this kind of liability. These days a serious workplace accident can put you out of business.


You pour your blood, sweat and tears into your business... you KNOW what we’re talking about. You should never have to lose it because of a “workplace accident”. That’s why there’s 1Life.


Just like you have Quickbooks, your book-keeper and your external accountant to manage finance, you have 1Life’s software, your safety co-ordinator and a team of 1Life safety professionals to manage safety.


“The biggest change we’ve seen since implementing 1Life is that our employees are always thinking of safety... because its right there on their phones.”

Robert Semchyshyn, President,
Tri-Star Technical

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Starting at $284/month


Includes Basic Coaching Program
(Based on a business with 20 employees)