Mass Finalize Forms

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If you have several outstanding forms that have not been finalized, you can mass finalize a batch of forms in one go!

First navigate to the tools tab and select forms tools.

About halfway down the screen, click on ‘New finalize job’
your Job will require a name. EX. simple general inspections Jan 1 – June 30, 2022

You can then create the list of forms you are looking to finalize through all the filtering options; By Form title, Project, created by, completed, dates, etc.

*A best Practice is to ensure that you select ‘NO’ to has outstanding corrective actions.  Remember that forms cannot be edited once finalized and you shouldn’t finalize forms with outstanding corrective actions.

Select ‘search’ and a list of forms will populate below.
You can hand pick from the list, or you can quick click select all.
Should you need to delete a form from the selection just select the trash can. Select ‘next’

Here is where you will see the digital signature that will appear on the forms when mass finalization is complete.

A best practice is to select ‘email me once the job is completed’. You can also have it sent to a third-party email address using the field below

Select ’Start finalize’

You will see the threads on the main screen. You can select the refresh button to update the status.
Completion may take some time depending on the number of forms being finalized.

Once complete the form will have the visible digital signature and comment.

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