Software Optimization

Whatever you need to make the most of your 1Life software, we’re here to help!

Responsible organizations assess their operations and processes, understand the hazards, and implement measures to control them. It’s just good business.

We can help you. We provide safety consulting to help ensure your workers return home to their families safe and sound at the end of the workday.

Our dedicated team of safety professionals can help you achieve peace of mind, knowing that your workers and your business are protected from workplace safety related risk.

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mySafetyAssitant from 1Life Workplace Safety Solutions

Some of the ways we assist client optimization include:

Setting up employees and training plans

Your employees will need to have accounts created for them, so they can log into the software, take assigned training courses, view specific company documents, and more. 1Life can help by adding all your employees into the software and making sure that they have the proper access and assigned training courses.

Uploading documents

The 1Life software can house all of your important company documents, policies, procedures and more! We can assist you by helping upload these documents in a digital format so they can be easily utilized by your staff.

Building forms

Digital versions of your internal forms can be built within the software, making it easier than ever to fill out and complete any required documentation. Once a form is built it can be duplicated and used as many times as necessary, but the building process can take time, so the 1Life staff can help you create these new digital forms so they are all ready to go when you need them.

Providing customized training sessions for your team

The 1Life software is a comprehensive platform with many different uses and applications, while it is all user friendly and easy to use, we can provide your team with support and training sessions so your staff can quickly become proficient using the many tools provided by 1Life.

Providing accountability check-ins

As your company starts implementing the 1Life software, we can assist you by providing an accountability check-in, to make sure you are using the software to the fullest! Ensuring that you have not missed any critical setup or configuration options, and your employee training or re-certifications are all being monitored correctly.

Preparing monthly reports and stats

You may not have the administrative staff or time to prepare regular monthly reports or statistics, so the 1Life team can assist you by generating these reports for you, so you are always up to speed.

Building or customizing online training courses

One of the many tools in the 1Life software is the training course builder. This builder can make any number of courses, from safety training and onboarding, to internal operational training courses, or anything else you need a training course for. These courses include fully customizable text / image slides, videos, interactive games, and more! We can assist you by helping develop these customized courses so they can be easily assigned to all your current and future employees.

To learn more about the 1Life Course Builder, click here.